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"How can we better support mental health during Mental Health Awareness Week 13 - 19th May 2024?"

I love to walk in wide open spaces, near water where I can feel the sun shining on my face, if I'm lucky! In fact, I love to walk in all weathers as walking for me is so therapeutic and supports my mental health; clearing my thoughts and lifting my spirits. Moving my body either through yoga or walking gives me more energy, and helps me to connect with nature and myself more deeply.

Even better, I love walking with friends as talking and walking is great for mental health. Being with other people can help make you feel more connected. It gives me a sense of belonging which certainly helps support my mental health and well-being.

Physical activity and movement is the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week which is a fantastic reminder to move our bodies. Movement helps our brains to unwind from the day but I recognise it can be hard sometimes to fit exercise into our busy lives.

For me, even a short walk to the shop or a few stretches whilst making dinner, a quick 10 minutes on the yoga mat can make all the difference to my mood.

How can you add more movement to your days this week to support your well-being?

Scan the QR code and find new ways to support your mental health this week.

Love and light

Claire x

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