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"Uncovering My True Self: A Journey of Self-Discovery"

I'm using Nature's Whispers Oracle cards by Josephine Wall and Angela Hartfield. I was drawn to these beautiful cards today as I can feel the energy of Spring and the anticipation of new beginnings.

This card shows many different paths suggesting that different choices have been showing up for you lately. It also has a sense of deepening your relationship with the self. What have you discovered about yourself in recent days? The image on the card is of a little girl with a candle lighting the way forward. Which path will you take as you move forward on your journey through self-discovery this week? Trust in your intuition as you choose your next direction and take comfort in knowing that the Universe will also guide you towards the right path.

This card is asking you to listen to the messages within. Spend time in nature this week and take the time to listen and notice the signs from the Universe lighting the way. Feel the warmth of the sun and allow yourself to breathe in more deeply, releasing any anxiety or stress. Taking the time to stop allows you to notice what is going on more deeply within you. When we listen we become more aware of our truth and are more open to opportunities.

Do you need help to unravel your thoughts and hear your inner truth?

Person centred therapy allows you to talk openly. I will actively listen, offering you the opportunity to explore your feelings and thoughts more deeply. I will reflect back to you what I can hear enabling you to begin the journey of self discovery, find your voice and inner truth.

If you are feeling confused, anxious or stressed, contact me at soul energy counselling to find out how I can support you on your path towards healing.

Angel Blessings


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