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"Connecting with Nature: Earth Magic Oracle Card Reading for Today"

Updated: Apr 15

This is a reading for Wednesday the 20th March and I am using the cards by Steven D Farmer.

I have chosen one card for this week which you can use for contemplation. The word on the card is vigilance which creates an interesting energy to focus on. What do you need to be more conscious of today?

I'm sensing a void or some sort of separation. The peace and calm and utter stillness could be signalling that it is time to stop, pause and wait.

Intuitively I could sense some fear around the energy of this card, or perhaps some anticipation of what is coming next. Is there something that you are afraid to do or are you unsure of the next step? This card is asking you to listen to your heart and trust in the wisdom of the Universe. Become more aware of your internal thoughts today and become vigilant to things around you.

Try not to let fear stop you from following your heart's desire and concentrate on becoming more aware to the messages that Universe is bringing to you. This card is saying it's time to pause, take time to take stock of a situation, look at all your options and use the stillness to reflect. Be more vigilant to opportunities that might be heading your way, and ask if you are trusting yourself. Do you need to move out of your comfort zone, or are you holding yourself back in some way?

Trust your inner strength like the stone people to rise above what might be blocking you from moving forward. Look our for all those magical signs and spiritual messages from the world around you. When we are more aware and alert we are able to tune into the messages from the Universe.

Take the time over the next few days to go inward, tune into your breath or sit in meditation so that you can hear the answers within your soul.

Enjoy the energy of the Spring Equinox today which brings forth a burst of new beginnings.

Watch out for all those magical signs from our beautiul planet.

Look our for more readings in the coming days on The card Angel facebook page and here on my soul enengy counselling blog.

Love and Light

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